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In Our Mideast projects in Saudi Arabia Alrecco has performed in the following areas

  • Alrecco Supervised the construction, maintenance and operation of 13.8 KV/440 volt Substations and network restoration of 13.8 KV and 110 KV system.

  • Construction of 11 KV/440 volt underground distribution systems. Planning, design and construction of 500 KVA to 15 MVA substations.

  • Supervised the installation of metering and service entrance to the bulk supply users.

  • Managed the billing system and revenue collection system through electronic monitoring of energy meters.

  • Responsible for Power Supply, Power Distrubution, Transformer and Power Station and Substation equipment order and purchase for the Saudi Electric Company projects in Al- Haram Mosque, Mina and Muzdalfa Hajj Areas.

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